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Meeting Minutes

Meeting Notes, January 10, 2019


Our most recent meeting had the theme, “Giving Back”.  This led to a series of thought-provoking Table Topics questions on the subject. A number of heartfelt responses followed, with Will Hommeyer and Vasav Sahni capturing the most votes for best Table Topics response. Wayne Hanson delivered an entertaining speech about his grandfather called, “The Dash”. Mike Schoenberg rounded out the meeting with an impromptu, tall tale involving trolls.

Next meeting: January 24.


Meeting Notes, December 13, 2018

Our latest Toastmasters meeting featured speaker,
Wayne Hanson, who gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of writing letters to people you care about. Wayne laid out five reasons for writing letters and supported those points with facts and stories. Our Table Topics winner was a new visitor to our club, Mr. Brett Schiff????   who spoke on the topic of “hibernation”.

Another great meeting for Metropolitan TM, the club where “the action is!”.



Meeting Notes, November 29, 2018

This week’s meeting showcased two speeches. Lynne Kolze’s speech, called “Deliberate Democracy”, which looked at the one dimensional way most citizens practice being a citizen. Lynne challenged the audience to get more involved in governing around public problems. Wayne Hanson gave a speech called, “How to be Attractive”, which gave the gentlemen in the audience ideas for how to have a more attractive personality in their public and private lives. Table Topics award was given was awarded to Will Hommeyer for a rousing and animated answer to a question about “frustration”.


Meeting Notes, September 13, 2018

We had a delightful meeting on September 13th. Craig Ostrum was kind enough to give a speech with little advance warning, filling in for planned speakers who couldn’t be at the meeting or didn’t have time to prepare a speech.  Thanks to Craig for stepping in.

Craig spoke on the Topic, “Fake News”. Craig’s speech was framed with his usual wit and wisdom, entertaining his audience.  He included examples of probable “fake news” and real news that is called fake. We also learned about places to go to find reliable fact-checked information.

Table Topics delved into the topic of “Admiration”, with Will Hommeyer asking members to reflect on the people they had admired and why. When the final votes for best Table Topics were tallied, there was a tie between Nick Augustin and Lynne Kolze.

There was continuing discussion during the business portion of the meeting regarding the future location of our meetings. The members were not able to resolve this problem, requiring additional discussion at a future meeting.

REMINDER:  Dues are to be paid by the end of September.  $51.00 should be paid to Kirby Johnson.  


Meeting Notes, August 2, 2018

Our last meeting provided an opportunity to hear an interesting speech by DTM Wayne Hanson, called “Hidden Meanings”.  In it he explored the manner in which people express themselves in speech, saying one thing but perhaps meaning another. Craig Ostrem gave a thorough and complimentary evaluation of Wayne’s speech.

There was a rousing round of table topics on the theme of “lame excuses”.  Mr. Bert Lee won the TT contest for the evening. In his usual engaging manner, he told the tale of a blind date rudely interrupted by a broken tooth.

There will be a hiatus from TM for a week, but we will reconvene on August 16th.


Meeting Notes, Thursday, July 12, 2018

The theme of last week’s meeting was “Ice Cream”.

Everyone enjoyed entertaining speeches by Craig Ostrem and Mike Schoenberg.

Craig gave a heart-felt speech, called, “Save Those Shoes”, about the small things that people do for each other that can have great impact.

Mike’s speech, entitled, “Frustration”, focused on the things each of us can do when we are frustrated and don’t have control over a negative situation.

Lynne provided an assortment of Table Topics questions related to the theme of “ice cream”. The winner of Table Topics was Kirby Johnson.


Meeting Notes, July 5, 2018

Last night, following our meeting, we inducted our new officers and then went out to celebrated at W. A. Fost. It was a lovely evening to socialize in the patio garden, drinking beer, delighting in a platter of steamed mussels, and watching fireflies lazily drift past. It was magical.


Meeting Notes, Minutes, June 21, 2018

1. Will suggested that we use the first meeting in July (July 5) to induct the new officers to the club. There was agreement among club members to do so.

2. After the July 5 meeting, there will be an Officer’s meeting at Los Campos across the street from the library.

3. Members should be sure to bring their own name card to every meeting. There will be no collection and storage of them for the group anymore.



Minutes of April 16, 2015 Executive Board Meeting of Metropolitan Toastmasters 1696(Minutes were reviewed and confirmed at the June 4, 2015 exec. board meeting.)

Club president, Carmen Simonet, conducted the meeting. Club Officers in attendance: Carmen Simonet, Kirby Johnson, Stuart Chastain, Wayne Hanson, Harvey Johnson, Karla Wetherby, Frank Mayers, Will Hommeyer, and Jolanta Kissoon

Carmen distributed the meeting agenda and asked for comments. The agenda was approved.

60th anniversary celebration of Metropolitan 1696:

– Carmen offered the use of her house for the 60th anniversary celebration of Metropolitan 1696. A motion to accept her offer was made and seconded and unanimously approved.

– Frank moved that the celebration be held July 11th, with social hour starting at 5 pm, meal starting at 6 pm, and program starting at 7 pm (also BYOB). The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

– Karla reported that we have $793 available in club funds. Frank said we could spend 50% of this amount on the celebration event.

– We will invite district officers and Speak Up and Out members.

Wayne reported that Doug Ward (a past 1696 member) will visit Minnesota in May and might be at the May 28th meeting.

Social media sites:

– Metropolitan 1696 has been using Meet Up (has 13 people on it, 8 of whom have not been at a meeting).

– Randi suggested using Instragram (which allows photos and short videos). Randi said she could teach one of the Metropolitan 1696 PR VPs how to use Instragram.

– Frank suggested we discuss criteria for continuing to use Meet Up: Is it drawing visitors to the club? Do members of the club find it interesting and enjoyable? Maybe we should have someone make a presentation on Meet Up at a club meeting. Frank asked if we were going to put together a plan to evaluate Meet Up.

Sgt. at Arms: Wayne has two lecterns and will give one to Will.

Membership: A new member joined tonight (April 16).

Public Relations (Will):

– Will plans to add new material to the website, including a scan url which can be downloaded and used to scan-in information.

– Will is going to have sole responsibility for Metropolitan 1696 and its website. Frank asked Challa if he would move to Speak Up and Out to be their VP of public relations and manage their website.

– Will wants to create a YouTube page where we can post videos (with link from the 1696 website). Frank asked about issues involved with posting videos. Will stated that videos would only be made of speeches and table topics with permission of the speaker. Will and Frank suggested obtaining “blanket” permission from each member.

Education (Frank):

– Metropolitan 1696 has 25 members and will not get credit for additional members, so new members are being encouraged to join Speak Up and Out.

– Metropolitan 1696 currently has 7 points and needs 2 more points for the President’s Distinguished award. (plan is for 2 CCs, 1 AL, and 1 AC).

– Frank read the nominating committee’s list of officer nominees for next year.

Meeting was adjourned.


Executive Board Meeting1696 Minutes, Feb. 19, 2015 

Club president, Carmen Simonet, conducted the meeting. Club Officers in attendance: Carmen Simonet, Kirby Johnson, Stuart Chastain, Wayne Hanson, Harvey Johnson, and Jolanta Kissoon

Carmen distributed the meeting agenda and asked for comments. The agenda was approved.

Membership:  Harvey handed out a Feedback Survey form for review. Discussion comments:

  • Frank: Maybe Harvey could do a presentation and have a Q/A after the presentation.  Also the survey could be emailed to all members with a request they fill it out and bring to meeting.
  • Jolanta: Emphasize newer members in scheduling speakers.
  • Frank: When members leave the club, have someone contact them to see why they left. We haven’t done much follow-up in the past.
  • Jolanta: Challa set up Meet Up website.
  • Carmen: Would Jolanta be interested in being another leader on the Meet Up site? There are 4 T-M members currently on the site. Jolanta said she would be willing to try this. Challa needs to update the site to allow this.

Treasurer’s Report

We have one new member. Semi-annual dues collection has started.


  • There are 8 new members so far this year. Thanks to everyone for their efforts.
  • For President’s Distinguished club, we need 3 CC, 1 AC, and 2 AL.

The next officer club is scheduled for March 12th.

Meeting adjourned.


Minutes of January 29, 2015 Executive Board Meeting

Club president, Carmen Simonet, conducted the meeting. Club Officers in attendance: Carmen Simonet, Kirby Johnson, Will Hommeyer, Stuart Chastain, Wayne Hanson, and Jolanta Kissoon

Carmen distributed the meeting agenda and asked for comments. The agenda was approved.

Mid-year review of Distinguished Club Program (DCP):

Metropolitan needs 10 points by June 30th.

We already have 6 points from: 3 CC, 1 CL, 4 new members

In addition, we need:

– 3 more CC for +2 points (expect CC from Will, Jola, and Stuart)

– 1 AC for +1 point

– 1 CL for +1 point

Treasurer’s Report: (need from Carmen)

It is time to pay annual dues.

Membership Report:

– Kirby is planning to reach out to a couple of the new members to encourage them.

– Retention of members: Harvey volunteered to prepare FAQs for new members. He also proposed that a feedback form be given to all new members. Will asked if we could use an annual evaluation form for feedback. We will look at draft versions at the February officer’s meeting.

Wayne needs a new timing device. He will first look through the existing gear.

Next officer’s meeting is Feb. 19th.

Meeting adjourned


Minutes of November 20, 2014 Business Meeting

Club President, Carmen Simonet, conducted the meeting.

  • We received from Toastmasters International a 60th anniversary award.
  • The next meeting will be December 4th.
  • Will asked Carmen to announce and explain the new meeting policy.
  • Frank pointed out that we haven’t yet voted in the new members. Frank moved that we accept the new members into Metropolitan 1696. The motion was seconded and passed.
  • Frank moved that we hold the next executive meeting at Peking Garden. The motion was seconded and passed.
  • Frank moved that Kirby take Sergeant at Arms (with Kirby’s help) change the name plates on the trophies (to Best Speaker, Best Evaluator, Best Table Topics Speaker) and be reimbursed.
  • Frank moved that we use the following protocol for awards:

– The Vote Counter/Timer comes to the lectern and hands results to General Evaluator.

– The GE hands out the trophies.

– If possible, eliminate paper.

Motion was seconded and passed after discussion.

Meeting speech award winners:

Best Speaker: Dan Hays

Best Evaluator: Casey Peterson

Best Table Topics Speaker: Craig Ostrem

Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Stuart Chastain, Secretary. Please contact Stuart regarding corrections.



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