Metropolitan Toastmasters #1696 – Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota

Notes from unofficial discussion by members of the executive boards

These are notes from the May 19, 2016 unofficial discussion by members of the executive boards of Toastmasters Metropolitan 1696 and Speak Up & Out 2509. The discussion was held at Mai Village Restaurant at 8:00 pm.

Present for the discussion were Frank Mayers, Kirby Johnson, Stuart Chastain, and Craig Ostrem. Also in attendance was Jolanta Young.

  • The election of new officers has been tentatively delayed until June 23rd to allow more time for identifying candidates. Anyone who might be interested in one of the club officer positions should contact Kirby Johnson. The club hopes to finalize the list of nominees by June 16th.
  • There are currently no candidates identified for club Secretary of Metropolitan and for club Educational Vice President of Speak Up & Out.
  • Kirby plans to repeat appeals at upcoming club meetings for club members to volunteer for officer positions. Another possible action that was discussed is to send emails over the next two weeks that encourage members to volunteer for officer jobs and ask members to identify concerns or obstacles that might be keeping them from volunteering. The creation of “back ups” who would available to temporarily fill in for officers was also discussed.
  • Frank will probably schedule a club officers’ meeting for June 16th. The officers’ meeting will be held at Old Mexico restaurant in Roseville after the regular Toastmasters meeting (which is at the Rice Street Library).
  • Metropolitan currently has 18 members and needs to add 2 members by June 30th to qualify for club awards. One person is in the process of joining Metropolitan, which leaves one more new member to find. Speak Up & Out currently has 12 members and needs to add 3 members by June 30th.

Meeting notes were recorded by club Secretary, Stuart Chastain.



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